Golden Sea Moss Powder

golden sea moss powder
Golden Sea Moss Powder- Nutritional Content, Benefits, Uses, & More.

Golden sea moss has gained quite a bit of traction in the wellness community recently. Influencers have been raving about the health and beauty benefits of this powerhouse ingredient.

And thanks to its surge in popularity, golden sea moss is now readily available in powder form. It can also be mixed in with food to improve their texture and make them nutrient-packed.

But what's truly up with this sea veggie? In this article, we'll discuss where this algae comes from, its nutritional profile, potential health benefits, risks, and culinary uses, and more.

What's Golden Sea Moss?

Golden sea moss, also known as the Irish moss or Chondrus crispus, is an edible seaweed that grows along the rocky coastlines of the North Atlantic Ocean. It mainly thrives near the British Isles, between North America and Europe.

The gold variant of sea moss is quite similar to the purple one (aside from the obvious color difference). Golden sea moss contains much of the same health benefits and uses as the purple sea moss. It is equally dense in nutrients that partake in metabolism around your body.

Golden Sea Moss Nutritional Content

Golden Sea Moss is a superfood packed with a high quantity of essential micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Sea moss is also rich in probiotics and antioxidants, all of which have their own health benefits. Not to mention, it's extremely low in calories- only having 5 kCal per 10g (2 Tbsp) serving size! Here's a closer look at the nutritional content:

Iodine is abundant in golden sea moss. It makes the core component of the thyroid hormone, which regulates metabolism in every organ. Iodine is also needed for bone growth and nerve regeneration and repair.

Vitamins A & C are also present here. Vit. A is known to support your eyesight and fight off cancer cells. It also plays a pivotal role during growth years. Meanwhile, Vit. C is excellent for immunity, and is a powerful antioxidant that fights off free radicals damaging your cells.

Vitamins E & K are collectively involved in boosting immunity, cognitive function, muscle strength, and heart and lung health. Additionally, Vit. E is great for your skin, helping with dehydration and hyperpigmentation. If you underwent some sort of injury or operation, Vit. K will also be useful for faster wound healing.

B-Complex Vitamins are crucial for metabolism and help your body burn fat. They play a variety of other roles as well, including regeneration of skin cells, improving blood circulation, and lowering inflammation. They also support brain health and improve your mood. Plus, B-Vitamins are necessary for pregnant women as they help with nausea and are needed for fetal growth.

Iron is a key component of your blood cells and is used to maintain proper circulation. Iron is also needed to build muscle. Eating iron-rich sea moss can help reduce fatigue and restore your natural sleep cycle.

Magnesium present in the sea moss can help regulate blood sugar levels, which reduces your risk of developing diabetes and hypertension. On top of that, magnesium regulates sleep as well, and proper intake can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Calcium is famously required for bone health. Intaking good quantity of calcium in your diet can help you avoid osteoporosis. Calcium is also needed for proper muscle and renal function. Lastly, it upkeeps your dental health too.

Potassium and Sodium both actively partake in basic functions around the body and are important in diet. Both of them regulate your heart rate, blood pressure, waste removal, nerve impulses, amongst others.

Zinc, like other key minerals, is necessary for your immunity. However, it also speeds up wound healing, supports skin health, and improves your sense of taste and smell.

Phosphorus is an essential component of your DNA, which is the basic molecule used for cell functioning, tissue growth, and repair. Adequate phosphorus in diet through supplements like sea moss can improve new cell turnover and keep your skin and other organs healthy.

Antioxidants are chemicals that fight off free radicals. These chemicals are created as a result of normal processes, as well as pollution, irritants, smoke, sun radiation, and medicines. Free radicals damage your cells from the inside, making your organs weak. Antioxidants work against these pesky molecules and keep your immunity in check.

Prebiotics are also found in sea moss, and these help improve your gut health. They aid in digestion by maintaining healthy flora in your intestines.

Why Is Golden Sea Moss Good For You?

While the research on all potential benefits of golden sea moss is ongoing. There are a few reported plus points of consuming golden sea moss, either by itself or mixed in your diet:

Boosted Metabolism

Golden sea moss contains plentiful iodine, which naturally supports your thyroid health. Thyroid is the primary gland keeping your metabolism in check. A diet rich in iodine from organic sources will indirectly boost your metabolism and in turn reduce your risk of contracting chronic illnesses.

Better Immunity

A boosted metabolism combined with a variety of vitamins and antioxidants means better immunity. That's why consuming golden sea moss in your diet can help fend off infections and free radicals. By fighting free radicals, there's reduced DNA damage and subsequent reduced risk of developing cancers.

Stronger Bones & Joints

Packed with calcium and bioactive compounds, algae greatly boosts your bone and joint health. Stronger bones means that your joint pain has better odds of being relieved and you are protected from osteoporosis. Although it's vital to note that for these benefits to show up, you need adequate Vitamin D as well. Be sure to stay out in the sun for a bit to obtain the full potential of your sea moss powder.

Better Circulation

Sea moss regulates your blood sugar levels and heart rate. This improved heart health aids in proper circulation, so your energy levels don't drop. Additionally, the extra iron is beneficial for forming new blood and avoiding common illnesses like anemia.

Improved Gut Health & Weight Loss

Studies have shown that sea moss contains a good deal of prebiotics. These improve your gut health and aid in digestion. Aside from it, sea moss has a goopy consistency and it's slow to leave our stomach, which means it keeps you satiated for longer. This indirectly helps reduce caloric intake and overall weight. It's a gold superfood for people with obesity.

Muscle Recovery

Those on a strict exercise regimen, as well as elders who are prone to losing muscle mass can benefit from the micronutrients found in sea moss. While they're not building muscles like protein does, they are important for upkeep and repairing any wear and tear.

Reduced Fatigue

Thanks to the added iron and improved circulation, sea moss helps you avoid fatigue and low energy levels. There are a few neurologic advantages too- disorders like anxiety and mood swings are often caused by a mineral deficiency. Foods like seaweed can deliver those minerals promptly and lead to betterment of health.

Healthier Skin & Hair

Golden Sea Moss contains Vit. E and minerals. These are great for hair strengthening, building new skin cells, and restoring moisture to your skin. They also get rid of hyperpigmentation, and improve nail health. You can apply a paste topically or ingest the moss regularly to attain these benefits.

How to Use Golden Sea Moss Powder?

Golden sea moss has been used for centuries for its health benefits. But it started trending in 2020 after popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber raved about sea moss smoothies and their supposed health and skin benefits. But smoothies aren't the only way you can consume this unique seaweed. You can attain benefit from sea moss powder in various ways:

Topical Use

First and foremost, golden sea moss powder can be used topically for your skin, hair, and nail health. You can mix the powder with water and essential oils to apply directly to your hair and skin. Although, keep in mind that if you're using sea moss for the first time, it's wise to do a patch test on the back of your arm. Keep an eye out for irritability or an allergic reaction before putting it on sensitive areas like your face. Always give 24 hours to a patch test before proceeding to use the moss.

Raw Consumption

Of course, golden sea moss powder is clean and filtered and can be consumed straight out of the bag. However, bear in mind that it's somewhat salty and has a strong seaweed taste, which might not be pleasant for you.

Culinary Uses

If you don't enjoy consuming sea moss raw, you can always use it as a gel in different food items. It's a great thickening agent for smoothies, and can be added to porridges, oatmeal, in baking, sauces, jams, and even cocktails. You can mix it with fruit yoghurt to mask the seaweed taste, or serve it with a dessert- ice creams and sorbets work best here.

Prepare Golden Sea Moss Gel At Home

If you're not a fan of consuming the golden sea moss powder directly, you can make a golden sea moss gel paste at home. This gel paste can also be used topically and mixed with your meals.

2 cups of water.
¼ cup of dried and filtered golden sea moss powder.
¼ cup of a natural sweetener (syrup or honey).
½ tsp vanilla extract OR essential oil (depending on whether you're ingesting or applying topically).


Rinse your dried golden sea moss powder using cold water. This will help get rid of any debris present.
Leave the moss soaking in a bowl of cold water for at least 4-6 hours, or preferably overnight.
Afterwards, drain the moss and discard the water.
Put the rehydrated moss in a food processor or a blender. Add your 2 cups of water and blend until smooth.
Strain this mixture through a cheesecloth or a fine-mesh sleeve. This will get rid of any non-blended chunks.
Finally, add your sweetener and extract or essential oil. Blend until combined.
Pour this mixture into a jar and keep it in your refrigerator. Since this has a goopy consistency, it's best to store it for no more than 2-3 weeks.

How Much Golden Sea Moss Is Safe To Take Daily?

While golden sea moss itself isn't harmful for your health, as with other foods, overconsumption of the powder may lead to some adverse effects. For reference, it's best to eat no more than 2 Tbsp of sea moss gel every other day, or 3-5g of powder/day, at least until your body is accustomed to the item. Some side effects you need to be wary of include:

Thyroid Problems

Overeating golden sea moss may lead to thyroid problems. Although iodine is needed for thyroid function, too much iodine can mess with your systems and cause hyperthyroidism, which is a state causing excessive metabolic activity.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Sea moss contains trace amounts of heavy metals, such as aluminum. Although our Golden Sea Moss Powder is handpicked and selected from a fine pool of wild algae, it's still possible to get heavy metal toxicity if you eat extreme quantities.

Drug Reactions & Allergies

If you're someone with multiple common allergies, especially to plant-based foods, then it's wise to be careful when trying sea moss for the first time. Likewise, if you're on medications, especially thyroid, cortisol, or diabetic drugs, it's best to consult your doctor beforehand. Avoiding an adverse drug interaction is important.


The golden sea moss is a unique superfood that's been coveted for centuries for its widespread health benefits and healing properties. While scientific research on using golden sea moss regularly isn't significant, sea moss has been a kitchen staple for many, and regular use has yielded tons of health perks.

Would you like to give golden sea moss a shot? Try our ethically-sourced, non-GMO Golden Sea Moss Powder. Packed with tens of nutrients, the bag can be stored in a cool, dry place and consumed by itself or mixed with your favorite foods!

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